From conceptualization to execution, Samooh takes up and delivers socially relevant programmes and projects. Krithi stands testimony to Samooh’s collective strength to offer turnkey solutions under one umbrella. South India’s largest book fair and knowledge festival, Krithi was Samooh’s concept to redefine reading and knowledge sharing. Samooh has an ecosystem of partner organizations for creative design, IT infrastructure, engineering, art, logistics, branding, marketing, etc.


Changing technological landscape, shift in customer preferences, obsolete operational models – there could be many a reason for organizations to become non-competitive. Samooh’s global pool of experienced professionals applies time-tested methodologies and cutting-edge technology tools to come up with turnaround strategies that can put the organization back on track.


Improving capacity utilization and efficacy of delivery are keys to organizational success. Samooh’s highly experienced professionals can review the operational model and performance to come up with action plan to improvise. Progress of improvisation program can be designed and monitored by Samooh.


Adapting to changing times and embracing modern technologies are important for any organization to stay relevant. Samooh has developed digital platforms that can be tailored to suit specific organizations.